Scenic Tickets set chaos clusters: Tickets ticket insurance bundled sales

Most of the 5A scenic spot ticket sales accounted for more than 40%
Tickets Ticket Insurance bundled sales; student tickets only in the summer sales; full price tickets 40 yuan half price tickets 30 yuan; several attractions packaged sales ... ... National Development and Reform Commission recently in the country more than 200 scenic spots check tickets, found that some scenic spots do not implement Government guidance price, not in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of ticket preferential policies, bundled sales and unreasonable coup and other chaos. Reporters survey found that scenic spots illegal pricing difficult, the ticket revenue and even become a local financial "ATM". The "ticket dependency disease" is a long time is difficult to break, is a long time since the domestic scenic spots of income and expenditure random, lack of restraint and supervision. According to the National Development and Reform Commission issued in 2007, "on the further visit to the current tour of the ticket price management work notice" requirements, the implementation of government pricing and government guidance price management Of the ticket prices, the frequency of not less than 3 years. But this did not fundamentally suppress the impulse to increase the price of scenic spots, scenic spots instead of falling into the "tune will rise" of the cycle. In 2015, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Guangxi Guilin Silver Rock and other scenic areas have announced the increase in ticket prices. Ticket prices "out", the "dark floating" phenomenon is also endless. National Development and Reform Commission found that some scenic spots there are "compulsory or disguised compulsory service and charges" illegal acts, bundled sales tickets, sightseeing tickets, insurance and so on. Such as Chongqing Dazu Rock Carving Scenic Area ticket staff asked visitors to buy tickets to and from the scene, can not purchase a single ticket; Guangdong Yang Kong Kongtong scenic area approved by the competent authorities 25 yuan ticket prices, forced tying 1 yuan insurance. Part of the scenic area is still half-price concessions on the play a small abacus, "hidden" raise prices. Hangzhou Lei Feng tower area of ​​students holding a student card, once only in the annual July to August to give preferential prices, 40 yuan ordinary fare half price concessions should be 20 yuan, but the actual price of 30 yuan scenic spot. Beijing Tiantan Park prayer hall, echo wall, Huanqiu and other attractions are not implemented in accordance with the provisions of free or half price concessions. At the same time, there are irrational package of scenic implementation of the "one vote system", so that visitors can not choose the attractions single ticket. Located in Hubei Shennongjia World Geopark, by Shennong top, big nine lakes, Guanzenshan and other six parks, the park is far apart, up to more than 100 kilometers. Geopark is only set a price of 319 yuan coupons, and visitors to visit the individual area is no choice. The scenic area has become a local "cash machine" revenue and expenditure "wayward" supervision of the lack of reporter interview found that many scenic spots due to limited operating channels, "ticket dependence" prominent, with the ticket revenue and expenditure confusion, the local government in the ticket revenue is both Beneficiaries, and when the supervisor, the lack of adequate regulation of ticket prices, resulting in scenic spots into a "lifting the ban will rise" cycle. - Ticket income is still too high Although the proportion of domestic tourist attractions in recent years, ticket sales accounted for overall decline, but the proportion is still high, most of the future profit growth is expected to point to the ticket, most of the 5A scenic area ticket sales accounted for more than 40%, of which the highest of more than 80 %. Beijing Tourism Association Deputy Secretary-General Liu Simin said that the scenic income composition of the ticket "a dominance" situation has not changed, especially in many tourist areas is entirely dependent on ticket sales, plus ticket business high gross margin, ticket prices For increasing the operating income of the scenic area can play an "immediate" effect, and thus a strong impulse to rise tickets. - scenic ticket revenue into the local government "ATM". Where are the ticket ticket revenue? Reporters from the Emei Mountain Tourism Company published data found that the scenic area travel income after deducting the relevant taxes and fees and other costs after 50% to be paid to the Emeishan Management Committee, only the first half of 2015, Emei Mountain tourism company 180 million yuan tour Mountain tickets, to pay to the CMC of the sub-section of more than 70 million yuan, in addition to the new rural construction of special funds and scenic special funds of the two supply of more than 9 million yuan. Hainan Provincial Tourism Association Secretary-General Wang Jingsheng frankly, some of the domestic scenic ticket sales tend to become individual local government "ATM", the price of tickets can effectively regulate, is certainly one eye closed one eye. - Unknown property rights, revenue and expenditure "wayward". As the scenic property rights are unknown, ticket revenue and expenditure, management confusion. Development and Reform Commission found that the inspection, Hangzhou Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, for example, visitors visit Lingyin Temple need to purchase two tickets, because the need to go through the Lingyin Temple to fly to the peak area, and flying peak and Lingyin Temple respectively Belong to the municipal garden departments and religious groups, financial relations are different, can not merge tickets. Experts, due to the current domestic has not yet specifically on the scope of the use of tickets to the provisions of the regulatory documents, so the ticket revenue and expenditure is more casual. Many government departments tend to resource use fees, infrastructure fees and other names to take a considerable proportion of the ticket revenue, but also lead to regulatory will not strong. Anhui Province, a 5A-level scenic spots insiders revealed that the scenic operation of the company belongs to the scenic management committee, and the CMC is self-supporting institutions, "the CMC how much money each year, then get from here, no fixed Proportion of "chaos prices" and the people competing for "clear property rights" classification management "insiders pointed out that similar Disney, aquarium and other social capital investment in the construction of theme parks and scenic spots, the price changes by the market decision is not a problem. However, most of China's current scenic spots are occupied by scenic spots, cultural heritage and other public resources, tourism resources, so the price of the ticket should be operating costs and reasonable profits. These tickets with the nature of public goods, adjusted too frequently, or too high, is undoubtedly the "struggle with the people", must combat this chaos prices and price fraud, change the natural landscape "eat" situation. Liu Simin that the scenic spot to determine whether the price adjustment is reasonable, the key is whether the price is based on "cost + reasonable profit" pricing principles, revenue and other financial information must be transparent, verifiable basis. Therefore, the relevant state departments need to make up their minds, the establishment of the current stage of the ticket price generation mechanism, revenue and expenditure management practices. Important scenic spots should follow the example of listed companies, made through third-party integration of the financial statements, so that the financial and operational areas under the supervision of the people, "justified" scenic ticket price adjustment can be accepted by the public. Guangdong University of Finance and Tourism Management and Planning Design Institute, Professor Zhang Weiqiang analysis, said the current scenic spots by the development of investment, the property rights in the area is not clear enough, so all localities should first clear the ownership of the situation. Recently held at the national tourism work conference, the National Tourism Administration made it clear that the implementation of scenic ticket classification reform. In this regard, the experts believe that to curb the price hikes, to achieve the effect of palliative, must be clear as soon as possible the ownership and nature of scenic area division, and then clarify the benefit sharing mechanism and regulatory management responsibilities, and ultimately to achieve the classification of management guidance; For the privatization of scenic areas to guide the main, let go of the operation, the state-owned scenic spots are divided into operating and public welfare scenic spots, a clear business area can only get the appropriate profits, public welfare should be included in the financial situation, clear government at all levels The establishment of the gradual establishment of the national parks, provincial parks and urban parks composed of three public welfare scenic area system. (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 15 Xinhua reporter Zhang purple? S, An Bei, Wang Cunfu)

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