"Nepal" attacked Fujian "land, sea and air" traffic department to fight

Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou three flights into the flight all canceled
July 7 evening, by the typhoon "Nepal" peripheral influence, Fuqing City, Fujian Province, over the black clouds pressure city. On the same day, the Central Meteorological Station issued a message, this year's No. 1 typhoon "Nepal" is approaching China, is expected to 8 am to the morning with the strength of super typhoon landing in Taiwan, 9 am to the morning typhoon level landing strength of Fujian. With the super typhoon "Nepal" to further approach Fujian, 7, Fujian Provincial Department of Transportation again to mobilize the traffic emergency forces, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, Transport ships, river ferry, to Taiwan routes, traffic construction sites, three port operations, road passenger and other plans to implement typhoon. Reporter on the evening of July 7 from the Fujian Provincial Department of Transportation was informed that the province's Fujian province transportation system has been assembled good rescue personnel and excavators, forklifts, search and rescue boats and other emergency equipment; armed police traffic in Fujian troops mobilized three squadrons more than 200 officers and men, 75 sets of mechanical duty, good reinforcements ready. To ensure the safety of maritime traffic, to 17:00 on the 7th, Fujian and Taiwan four maritime passenger direct routes, four "mini three links" passenger routes have been suspended, the coastal front of all traffic projects under construction suspension, site personnel evacuated to the embankment safety zone The In addition, the reporter learned from Xiamen Airlines, Xiamen Airlines canceled 7 to 9 Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou Airport a large number of inbound and outbound flights, has been identified to cancel flights 155 classes, and is still increasing, is expected to involve a total of about 400 classes to adjust, cancel. 7 days after 19 days to 8 days all day, Xiamen Airlines flight Xiamen, Fuzhou, Changsha, Hangzhou and other places from Taiwan to 18 flights canceled all. 8, 14, after 14, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, three flights out of the flight part of the flight time in advance, the rest of all canceled; 9 at 15 pm, Xiamen, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou three flights to Hong Kong all canceled; , Fuzhou, Quanzhou three flights into the flight gradually resume operation. Xiamen Airport on the 7th has started flood control against Taiwan III level response. Affected by typhoons, 8th Xiamen is expected to have precipitation, to remind the majority of passengers concerned about the weather changes and flight real-time dynamic. Xiamen Airlines also reminded passengers, through the registration of Xiamen Airlines official website or concerned about Xiamen Airlines micro-signal, registered Xiamen Airlines mobile client real-time query flight dynamics. Super typhoon "Nepal" at 7:00 on the 7th to enter the Fujian 24-hour alert area, carrying the wind wrapped around the rain came from Fujian. Fujian "land, sea and air" transport sector into the anti-typhoon model. Fujian Ocean and Fishery Office has organized coastal fishing vessels to enter the shelter and shelters evacuated ashore. Fujian Maritime Bureau to guide the ship into the harbor shelter, the organization of non-powered ship personnel all evacuated, coordination of 66 tugs, five rescue boats and three helicopters emergency standby. In view of the serious style of rain may cause the aircraft, the train late, shut down, Fujian traffic department prepared 150 buses, 500 taxis as emergency capacity, reinvigorating passengers stranded, while the road through the station 89 Bus lines, 1200 buses arranged in advance, do a good job encryption, extended operating hours and other overtime preparation. Civil Aviation Fujian Security Supervision Bureau in advance to deploy a large area or a long flight delay response measures, and do a good job of typhoon reserves. Affected by the typhoon, Wenfu, Fuxia, to Po railway and Hefei high-speed rail section will be heavy wind and rain, Nanchang Railway Bureau will be suspended for 8 days, 9, through the above lines running part of the car ticket. In addition, the council to strengthen the anti-typhoon on duty, the implementation of traffic safety measures, do a good job along the railway inspection, in particular, to strengthen the bridge and culvert, tunnel and other dangerous areas of inspection, protection of traffic safety and passenger safety. Forecast shows that the typhoon will be 20 to 25 kilometers per hour speed to the north west of the move, and gradually to the east of Taiwan close to the ocean. 8 morning to morning landing in central and southern Taiwan (super typhoon level), landing in Taiwan after the intensity will be significantly weakened, and then through the Taiwan Strait to Fujian coastal close to the morning of 9 to the morning landing in the north coast of Fujian.

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